Pet Cremation & Burial Services by Beloved Pet Cremations, LLC

The loss of a loved family pet is always an emotional and difficult experience.

Pet Cremation Services by Beloved Pet Cremations, LLC

As pet lovers ourselves, we can empathize with the loss of your faithful friend.

Pet Loss

If you have recently experienced a death of your pet and need to know what steps to take, please click on the link below:

Pet Loss

Below are the pet services we offer with additional information:

Pet Cremation Services

  • Endorsed by Veterinarians; humane, safe and individual cremation is the accepted manner of disposition.

  • ​We offer two choices: private cremation or communal cremation.

    • Private Cremation-  This option ensures that you are getting your pet back, not someone else's pet.

    • Communal Cremation- This option is for families who do not want to have their pet's cremated body returned to them.

  • Cremation price is based on the pet's weight. Please contact us regarding price.

  • We have many urns to suit any wants and needs. Please contact us regarding price.

Pet Burial Services

  • We offer many types of pet caskets.

  • Please contact us for more details about pet burials

Pet Monument Services

  • We offer personalized pet monuments through our Design Monuments Company.

    • Grave markers

    • Bronze plaques

    • Engraved pictures of your pet on monuments

Please click on the link below to visit our monument company's website

Pet Pre-Planning

  • The loss of a pet can be an extremely difficult experience.

  • We offer families the ability to Pre-Plan the services of their pets to ease the burden when a death occurs.

  • Please contact one of our caring staff members to Pre-Plan the services of your pet.

Pet Services offered by Beloved Pet Cremations, LLC